Our True Wealth financial planning process includes 5 stages designed to help you
retire with clarity and confidence.


We learn about your needs, concerns, and aspirations and explain how our flat fee financial planning services can help meet those specific needs. Then we decide if we have a good fit to work together.


Once we agree to work together, we focus on identifying and clarifying your true values and priorities. This process helps us understand your unique frame of reference and forms the foundation of your financial plan.


We guide you in creating a vision for the future that is compelling, fulfilling, and inspiring. We also establish guidelines for developing a financial plan that aligns with your values and priorities.


We present our financial planning recommendations and demonstrate how they support the life you want to live. We also summarize and clarify insights and knowledge about your values, priorities, concerns, transitions, goals, and objectives.


This stage is the most important part of the process; putting the plan into action. This involves implementing the current recommendations and updating your financial plan as your goals and circumstances change.

We believe our life-centered planning approach leads to greater success and fulfillment in retirement.

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