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Are we a good fit?

You should schedule 30-minute Fit call/video if:

  • You are a recent or soon to be widow/widower or divorced person, and

  • Your spouse handled all the money decisions and can no longer be relied on due to illness or death

  • You are within 5 years of retirement (before or after)

  • You have accumulated more than $600,000 in assets other than your primary residence.

  • You need a guide to help you:

    • understand & organize your new financial life;

    • evaluate & prioritize financial decisions;

    • establish a financial life plan to live forward without fear.

I am different:

  1. I do not require you to commit to a long term relationship;
  2. I do not require you to let me manage your investments;
  3. I charge a flat-fee for financial planning and investment management.

We believe a financial life planning approach leads to greater success and fulfillment in retirement.

Use the calendar below to schedule a free 30 minute call to learn more about our flat fee financial planning services.

*Of course if you have a complicated business situation, rental properties, non-standard estate or assets that need special planning attention a fee adjustment may be necessary. We'll talk that over if the situation arises.

**Net worth is my proxy for complexity.

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