I am the fiercely independent founder (2007), principal, and sole owner of Jersey Shore Financial Advisors LLC (JSFA).  I formed JSFA because I found it nearly impossible to do the right thing for clients when there is a complex corporate structure (and sales pressure) telling me what to do/not to do for clients.

Working with me means working with a thinking partner to help you clarify, organize, evaluate and prioritize your financial life decisions, allowing you to live life looking forward without fear of making a mistake.

I do my best work with:

  • Recent (or soon to be) widow or widower.
  • Your spouse handled all the money decisions and can no longer be relied on due to infirmity or death.
  • Within 5 years of retirement (before or after).
  • More than $1,000,000 in investment assets.

I do not work for an insurance company or investment firm. It’s just me and you. In fact, I will put in writing that I am a fiduciary and will put your interests first.

I charge a fixed, flat fee for financial planning and investment management which is very different from most others in the financial business.

Although I’m normally near the beach in Eastern Monmouth County, New Jersey or on a ski slope in Vermont, I can work remotely with clients regardless of geographic location.