Are there any other fees if I become a client?

Yes. The investments I recommend have expense ratios that could range from 0.06% to 0.50%. This is not an explicit fee that you pay. Instead it is deducted from the value of your portfolio.  I do not share in this fee; the investment manager collects this to compensate their firm for the work they do.

If you need the services of an outside professional such as an accountant or attorney those professionals will present their own independent fee for service.  I have no control over what other professionals may charge, I will however do what I can to minimize the fee by providing information, facilitating document flow or by other means as appropriate.

I utilize a company called SEI to help with the administrative and trading aspects of investment management.  SEI charges a fee for their services.  The fee varies depending on how much we ask them to do -- the SEI fee will be explained to you prior to any investment decisions are made.  I endeavor to keep this fee under 0.50% (that's one half of one percent).

TD Ameritrade, where many of my clients maintain custody of their accounts, may also charge transaction fees every time we buy or sell a position in one of your accounts. Until recently this transaction fee was $4.95 per trade.  TD has eliminated transaction fees for most of the trades completed online as many other providers have done.  It remains to be seen if that policy continues.  If transaction/trade fees are re-implemented, you will be responsible for those fees.