Step 1 Fit

You should schedule 15-minute Fit call if:

  • you will soon be or are newly single by choice or by fate (widow/widower or divorced person), and
  • you need a guide to help you:
    • understand & organize your new financial life;
    • evaluate & prioritize financial decisions;
    • establish a financial life plan to live forward without fear.

I am different:

  1. I do not require you to commit to a long term relationship;
  2. I do not require you to let me manage your investments;
  3. I charge a flat-fee for financial planning.

One-time financial planning fee is $4,800*.  

Ongoing wealth management** (with or without investment management) fee ranges from $8,000 up to $20,000 depending on your total assets***. 

Click her to schedule a Fit call.

*Of course if you have a complicated business situation, rental properties, non-standard estate or assets that need special planning attention a fee adjustment may be necessary. We'll talk that over if the situation arises.

**Ongoing wealth management is an optional service.  You do not have to agree to ongoing wealth management before we complete your one-time financial plan.

***total assets is my proxy for complexity and do not include the value of your primary residence.

Step 2 Explore

Let's visit via Zoom or telephone. Allow about 60 minutes for this conversation. 

If you have someone that you trust to help you make this decision that person should be on our call too.

I will ask you to complete a couple of simple surveys in advance of our visit.

During our visit we'll discuss your circumstances, goals, values, concerns and what you want from a professional advisory relationship. 

We'll also discuss how we would work together (start date, data requirements, fees, etc.) and what benefits you can expect if you choose to work with my firm.

You will end our visit/call knowing everything you need to know to decide if we should work together.

If I feel we are a good fit I will invite you to become a client.  You do not have to accept on the spot.  I think it important for you to consider your decision before making a commitment.

If I feel we are not a good fit I will point you to where you might find a better fit.

I want to part friends.

Step 3 Decision

I operate a very boutique style business.  I choose to work with a small number of clients and therefore I reserve a finite number of new client "seats" each month. 

After our Explore visit/call I will reserve your seat for 14 business days after which your seat will be released to the next prospective client.  Kind of like skipping a restaurant reservation.

If I don't hear from you, I will assume you have decided (not deciding is a decision) not to move forward at this time.  That is perfectly ok! I know there is so much to deal with -- you can come back in the future and get an available seat subject of course to whoever has an active reservation at that time.


Step 4 Engage

This is where we establish your starting point -- where you are now. 

I want to understand your perspective and your preferences. 

We will use some simple tools to identify what is most important to you and to clarify your priorities. 

This is also where we collect what I call the "hard data" -- your income & expense info, your assets, your liabilities, all your risk management (insurance) info, your tax documents, and your estate documents.

Step 5 Envision

This is where we define where you want to be think of this as a vision of your "ideal life"

We'll also identify and prioritize your personal and financial goals

I'm not going to ask you to pinch pennies but I do want to know where every five dollar bill goes. 

I am a firm believer in the cash flow method of financial planning.  I don't even use the "b" word (the one that sounds like diet)

I much prefer establishing a spending plan that aligns with your values, priorities, and supports your vision of your ideal life.  


Step 6 Enlighten & Empower

At this point I should be ready to summarize and clarify my understanding of your circumstances and aspirations.

I will present a report of financial recommendations in the form of an implementation summary or checklist.  I will provide a high level explanation of how I arrived at my recomendations diving deeper where necessary. 

At this point you can choose to implement some, all or none of it:

  • on your own

  • with another advisor

  • with me

We will also have a conversation about the benefits of working with us on an on-going basis to implement, monitor, and continue to plan for future life transitions proactively.