Get Acquainted

Our first visit is the “Get Acquainted” visit were we get to know each other a little bit.  This is kind of like a first date.  You should leave knowing just about everything you need to know to decide if we should work together.

Make decision

You need to make a decision.  “No” is ok.  Yes is better than no.  I just need to know either way.  If you say not now, I will keep your info on file, I may drop you a note from time to time, perhaps a greeting card.  I will not chase you – this has to be something you want to do.


This is where we take care of our contractual arrangement, setting up billing, disclosures etc.

Get organized

Our first official action is to bring all your data in, preferably electronically direct from wherever it lives -- bank, investment accounts.  We review the big items – income tax, income, expenses.  We might be able to have this visit by phone/Internet saving all of us some precious time.

Life Plan/Discovery

This the visit were we make some planning assumptions/decisions.  When will you retire?  When do you claim Social Security?   What does downsizing your home look like in dollars and cents?

Plan Presentation

Now we’ll go over our finding & recommendations according to the data you provided as well as the items we covered during Life Plan/Discovery.

Plan Implementation

This phase isn’t so much a meeting as it is an ongoing process of making changes as recommended during plan presentation.  This might be increasing your retirement savings amounts, or updating your estate documents.  Sometimes there isn’t much to be done right away.


For those that decide an ongoing relationship is important we will update your financial life plan during the Spring Update and Fall Update periods.